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Peter B.

Phil is a remarkable teacher and person. After a 20+ year hiatus I got back into drumming and started playing in a band of dads to raise money for our kids school.Phil was able to get me in shape to perform within a few months. He is a great person who connects with all age groups. He is talented, dedicated , smart and funny. You'd be well served by having him teach you or your kids.

John D.

Phil's teaching style is great, it's informative, and relaxed. His lessons are highly effective, you'll always leave knowing you are a better drummer than when you started.

Debra B.

Phil was my drum teacher for about two years. I had two other drum teachers before working with Phil. I only stopped my lessons because I had to move out of state. Up until the end of my lessons, he was always very professional, energetic, and well-prepared for each lesson. He even helped me pick out my own drum kit. He provides learning materials so that you can practice on your own and he plays along with you which is very helpful when you are drumming so you can listen to your playing and his in order to improve your playing. I highly recommend Phil for drum lessons.

Andrew B.

Phil is an experienced, informative, and patient teacher. He helped me understand the nuances of drumming that helped me sound much better. The lesson plans he gave me were challenging without being overwhelming. Phil is great at breaking down complex beats to the basic parts. It makes learning something difficult, achievable and fun!

Joann N.

Phil was my drum teacher for about 3 years and he is awesome! He's very patient, great at tailoring the lessons to your level and super nice. I liked that I was able to play to my favorite music in my lessons. I never felt discouraged, always wanted to learn more and I learned quickly - I think Phil had a lot to do with that. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Chris M.

I took intermediate drum lessons with Phil for a year and a half. Within that time I improved tremendously, due to Phil's tailored teaching approach and amazing skill on the drum set. He makes sure you are not only learning the correct techniques and rudiments, but also applying them to your set in a musical and groove-based way. This approach will make you a better player faster than you would have ever imagined, all you have to do is practice what he asks you to and it will happen in time. Phil can teach children, teenagers, and adults at all levels from beginners to advanced and he takes pride in his students as they advance through the playing continuum. He's a true professional, a graduate of LA Music Academy (LAMA) and overall a really nice guy. So, if you want to take lessons from one of the best teachers in Chicago or on YouTube, Phil is your guy!

Danny G.

I'm not a drummer and only took a few lessons to learn how to tune drums for recording. Phil was awesome! In 3 sessions I managed to learn all the important parts of a drum kit, how different types of heads play a huge role in tone, and that there are very strict rules and no rules in tuning. LOL! Phil's a really chill' guy. Totally personable, and easy going. I highly recommend going with Phil!!


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