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Since 2003, The Impossible Drummer School of Music has been guiding beginner, intermediate, and advanced drummers to where they want to be in their musical endeavors. Our drum teachers have several years of teaching and playing experience.

From ages 8 and up, we offer private one on one drum instruction in a laid back environment. Since each student learns at their own pace, the curriculum is custom tailored with their specific needs and goals in mind. Our staff uses the most up to date playing techniques and learning materials available. Our curriculum is almost entirely created by us and has proven to be very effective with our students.

Upon enrollment, each student is given their own personal (password protected) web page to access their instructors lesson notes, assignments, and supplemental videos/audio examples for reference. In addition to this feature, we will soon be rolling out FREE video/audio curriculum that works in conjunction with our private drum lessons. Again, this a provided at no extra cost to our students who take private lessons.

Lessons are once weekly for 30 or 60 minutes. Our classes are designed for you to learn or improve upon your drumming by learning some or all of the following concepts... 

•    Hand Technique

•    Foot Technique (Moeller for bass drum)

•    Time Keeping (Playing beats)

•    Drum Fills 

•    Odd Meter & Note Grouping Concepts 

•    Music Styles (Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, etc…) 

•    Sight Reading

•    Song Analysis thru listening and play along

•    Road Mapping and Transcription 

•    Creative/Improvisational Drumming Concepts

•    Drum tuning, head replacement, and general kit maintenance 

•    Electronic drumming thru the use of sequencing software, MIDI, or live with the use of trigger pads.

•    …and much, much more!

Contact us today for rates and availability!  

Call 1-877-DRUM-007 or email info@theimpossibledrummer.com